What is CPU time?

Processing tech, growth, and creativity.

I started writing as a way to understand and develop a point of view on what was happening around me in tech.

CPU time (central processing unit) is a software term. It defines the time it takes a computer to process data for a program or process. It is thinking time, or the time it takes to solve a problem. And that’s what I do here: wrestle with my keyboard on topics like product building, investing, creativity, and innovation.

Who am I? I am a product builder, investor, and pickleball enthusiast. If you are interested in tech, creativity, or solving problems, stick around. I hope that you find these essays useful.

A sampling to get you started:

  1. You can’t hit home runs without swinging

  2. Is productivity…productive?

  3. 5 lessons from a year in VC

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Processing tech, growth, and creativity.


Laura Loughran

Builder, investor, tech optimist.